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We Bring You Recordings of Our Adventures and Evidence Captured at Some of our Counties Rich History


About Us

Our Team SKPI are a Leading Paranormal Team Based in Norfolk UK. The Team is Seven Strong and is led

by John & Josie Lewin who are the Co-Founders.


Our Investigations Take us to Numerous Locations Throughout Norfolk & Suffolk and as far as Menorca in Spain.


We conduct Investigations at Historical Sites, Military Locations, Private Locations, Private Homes & Business Locations, Prisons & Jails and Also Work Overseas in Menorca (Spain). A Major Part of our Work Involves Assisting People who Have Been Suffering Paranormal Activity in Their Homes. Some of These People are Kind Enough to Allow us to Record and Share our Experiences.


There are Many Sides to our Business, Which, if you are Interested in Exploring Further, you are Most Welcome to Visit our General Website or by Clicking the Image Below.





Equipment Used

The Most Important Piece of Equipment Used is not Electronic and Does not Need Batteries, it is our own Spiritual Energy and That of our Guests. Yes, we do use Some Equipment to Assist in Providing Evidence and to Summarise our Equipment, I Continue With a Breakdown of What we Typically Take With us on Location.

Night Vision Camcorders Canon XA10 /  Panasonic VXF990 /  Active HD Camcorder Panasonic HX-A100 Infrared Illuminators (Various) an Essential Light source for Night Vision Work. SLS Cameras "Structured Light Sensor Camera" Also Known as "Stickman Camera". Portals A Portal is a Device that Assists in Manipulating Spirit Contact and is Used with a Spirit Box and Various apps. REM-POD's, A Rem-Pod is a Device That Generates it's own Magnetic Field that can be Influenced by Spirit.  EDI Devices (3 Function Device That Records Temperature, EMF and Also has in-built Geophone). Geophone is a Sensitive Device That can Detect the Slightest Vibrations and is Used to Encourage Spirit to tap on Tables etc. Electrascope (Also Known as a Triboelectric Field Meter) - Spirit Boxes & Speakers are Used by Most Paranormal Investigation Teams to Attempt to Encourage Spirits to Talk Through as They Scan Through   Frequencies. Digital Cameras, Always a Must Have to Attempt to Photograph Spirits / Ghosts / Shadow People / Orbs. Laser Grid, Used to Cast a Grid of Laser Beams and Attempt to Record Moving Shadow Objects That are not Earthly. Voice Recorders, Used to Attempt to Record Spirits Speaking (EVP's). Dowsing Rods, Used When Working With Spirit / Human Energy and to get Simple Yes/No Answers to Questions.  Other Equipment we use Includes Walkie Talkies, Torches, Spare Batteries (Lots of Them). Also Included on our Investigations is a First Aid Kit and at Least one Qualified First Aider.

After The Investigation

After the Investigation has Finished, we Spend a lot of Time Reviewing our Films and Recordings. Typically, for an Evenings Investigation, we Would Expect to Spend up to 40 Hours Watching and Listening to all Films and Recordings Made, Taking Time to Note Anything Unusual, Such as Shadows, EVP's (Both Spirit Voices and Unusual Sounds). Checking Through Photographs Taken Through the Evening. Then the Filmmaking Begins, Hopefully Bringing you Evidence of Paranormal / Spiritual Activity.


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