Historical Locations

A Local Town Hall

We Received a Telephone call From the Council as They had Been Experiencing Paranormal Activity in Several Areas of the Building. The CCTV System had Recorded a Dark mass Moving on the Lower Floor and Prior to That, Ladies Taking Part in an Exercise Class had Seen a Shadow Person and one Lady Reported her Backside was Pinched. When we Attended for an Initial Interview, the CCTV System had Malfunctioned, but Upon our Assessment, Josie Found the Exact Spot Which was Confirmed by a Council Employee. The Property was Once Owned by the Kray Twins and Proved Extremely Interesting. We Returned Several Times Over to Investigate the Initial Report and to Further our Research on Other Spirits That may Have Worked / Lived on the Land or Previous Buildings.

Under a Theatre on a Pier in Norfolk

The Elizabethan House

Landguard Fort

Moyses Hall

Wymondham Heritage Museum

Undisclosed Locations

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