Military Locations

Rougham Tower

Rougham Control Tower has Always Proved to be an Interesting Location. Like an Onion, There are Many Layers to This Former Bomber Group Base of the USAAF. It was Formerly Known as Station 468.


We Have Investigated This Location Many Times, as Have Many Other Teams, but There was a Darkness There Which we Believe Thrived on the Sadness and Negativity That has been Drawn in. This was More Evident as Time Passed and we Knew we had to Clear This Location. On a Personal Level John Suffered a 3 Month Kidney Infection After a Guest Challenged a Spirit we had Contacted. We Knew we had to Return to Deal With the Negative Soul That Other Teams had Helped Manifest Itself. There Were Complications, we had Arranged a Return Date, but 2 Days Before our Return, John Suffered 2 Heart Attacks, we Believe There was a Connection. After John's Recovery, we Returned and in our Last Film, Jackie is Taken Over by the Negative Spirit and it Clearly had Intentions on Harming John.


Although This Spirt was Dealt With, There is Every Possibility Other Teams may Suffer if They Continue to Provoke it.

RAF Radar Base

Nuclear Bunker

WWII Hospital

Landguard Fort

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